Plant-Based Eating In The Maritimes

There’s no doubt that plant-based eating has gained significant traction over the past few years. According to a recent study conducted at Dalhousie university, 6.4 million Canadians are willing to reduce their meat consumption. While there are large urbans centers like Vancouver or Toronto, booming with new vegan products, plant-based food service, and festivals… the plant-based movement is flourishing in Atlantic Canada.

Maybe it’s our constant proximately to nature and the ocean, our significant number of educated young people, or maybe it’s just our natural tendency to be compassionate. Nonetheless, vegan options are popping up in all areas of Atlantic Canada, from the bustling streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia to the rural edges of Burin, Newfoundland. These are just some of the amazing plant-based products and companies growing on the Atlantic Canadian Coast.

Delicious Plant-Based Grocery Products

Acadian Soy has been making delicious, traditional style tofu in the beautiful valley of Grand Pres, Nova Scotia since 1994! Acadian is committed to only using organic, non-GMO soybeans to make their products and make the freshest tofu you can buy in Atlantic Canada. You can find their products at a number of retailers and restaurants in the Maritimes.

Good Parma is a handcrafted vegan cheesy topper made in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded by Ryan Spence, a vegan for nearly a decade, Good Parma delivers a bold, satisfying flavor while packing a huge nutritional punch. Driven by compassion and the desire to make a positive impact, Good Parma donates 10% of all sales to animal sanctuaries and rescues.

Scottage Cheeze may be new to the dairy-free vegan cheese game but they have been blossoming since launching in May 2018. Owner, Margaret Scott, is a passionate New Brunswicker and wanted to create her own employment in her hometown of Harvey NB. Scottage Cheeze makes a number of different almond based dips and cheezes found at the Boyce Farmers Market on Saturdays, and a number of retailers in NB.

Real Fake Meats is a brand spanking new plant-based butcher shop in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Owned and operated by top chef, Lauren Marshall, RFM sells dozens of different vegan meats, cheeses, take-home dishes, and rotating menu items. This “holy grail” vegan shop should be at the top of your list anytime you visit Halifax.

Must Try Vegan Food Service and Restaurants

My Plum, My Duck is PEI’s first restaurant with 99% vegan fare. Chef Sarah Wendt opened the restaurant with the intention to help locals eat and feel better. This small island restaurant specializes in local, organic cuisine and offers a number of gluten-free options that would please any eater. My Plum, My Duck proves that vegan food can be healthy and delicious, regardless of your location.

VegOut Freddy offers ultimate vegan street foods at the Fredericton Cultural Market everyday Saturday. Shelby and Patrick noticed the need for delicious vegan eats in their community so they launched VegOut in 2018. They whip up unbelievably delicious vegan donairs, shawarmas, and more. Due to the high volume of positive reviews and their weekly sell-outs, VegOut will be upgrading to a food truck in the spring of 2019!

Green Kitchen is Newfoundland’s newest sit-down vegan restaurant. The restaurant serves up all kinds of delicious plant-based plates from you classic favorites like cauliflower wings and nachos to blackbean burgers and mac ‘n cheese. With a cozy atmosphere and exceptional service, the Green Kitchen is a must-try next time you visit the rock.  

Springhouse was launched with the most humble beginnings at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market in 2011 by owner Jessie Doyle. Springhouse offers a huge selection of healthy, plant-based eats, smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and raw desserts, all of which are made from scratch. The restaurant just moved to their new, permanent location on Gottingen Street in Halifax NS and expanded their menu to include even more delicious offerings.

Plant-based options are growing on the East Coast.

Whether you’re looking for a spot for a lunch date, or wanting to support some local companies when creating your next meal, Atlantic Canada is growing with vegan options. Eggcitables is proud to be Atlantic Canadian and part of this plant-based movement. Click here to learn more about our story.